Sunday, April 14, 2013

Everybody's Got One...

...whether we celebrate it or not.  Birthdays...such fun for little ones; for us older ones, sometimes not so much!  Trixie recently retired her Birthday Bash! Girl and Birthday Bash! Boy kits, and today she has released her newest collection for the birthday girls in your life, It's Her Birthday.  Hopefully there's an It's His Birthday coming soon!  (hint hint, Tracy!)

Here's what the kit looks like:

Right now, all of the pieces of this collection are available in the GGI sale at Gotta Pixel.

I scrapped my cutie patootie's first birthday with the collection.  I also used a template from Standing Alone Vol. 5, part of the April 2013 Templatetopia.  Until next time, happy scrapping!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Do you believe in magic?

Connie and Tracy apparently do, and they got together to release Tricky Tricky, a kit and template set that is made for scrapping magic shows, Disney photos, and just about anything that calls for a bright and fun kit.

Well, I didn't have any photos that were geared towards magic, and sadly, I don't have any Magic Kingdom photos to scrap, but I still had an easy time scrapping with this set.  That's one of my favorite things about this's so versatile!

This is my favorite kit, hands down (for now anyway!)

Tracy has released a lot of kits that I love, but every once in a while, along comes a kit that totally knocks my socks off.  And Heart of a Friend is one of those kits.

Heart of a Friend Digital Scrapbooking Full Kit

Heart of a Friend Digital Scrapbooking Value Bundle

Isn't that just over the top gorgeous?  I thought this kit would be perfect for scrapping some photos of hubby and Rachel's Daddy-Daughter Dance date night.

I also used a template from Standing Alone, Vol. 3 on this page.


I think my girl is always adorable, but she looked absolutely beautiful on her big date :)  Happy scrapping!

Love me some templates!

I'll admit it...I love templates.  I use one as a base of most of my layouts...otherwise it takes me forever to finish a page.  Mainly because I'm wishy-washy and can never make up my mind on where to place photos.  I want to share a few template packs with you...these were originally released in the March 2013 Templatetopia, but are now available in solo packs.

I used Winter on the Mountain with a Star Struck 17 template:

I used Nature Walk with one of the Standing Alone 4 templates:

Trixie has a lot of fantastic template sure to check them out!  Happy scrapping!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Do you believe in luck?

Well, Tracy does, and she put together an adorable kit for her premiere at GingerScraps last month.  Lucky Me was made for St. Patrick's Day, but it's a kit that can be used year-round for any theme.

I used this page, not for St. Patrick's Day, but for an everyday page, all about Rachel's Mr. Snickles...I'll bet you thought his name was Snoopy!  :D

Did you see Tracy's beautiful Nature Walk kit?

Last month, things were super crazy, and I missed out on sharing this new collection with you.  But it's too pretty a kit to skip, so better late than never, right?

Nature Walk Digital Scrapbooking Kit

Here are the extra pieces:
Nature Walk Digital Scrapbooking Cardstock

Nature Walk Digital Scrapbooking Bonus Papers

Nature Walk Digital Scrapbooking Bonus Alphas

Nature Walk Digital Scrapbooking Clusters

Nature Walk Digital Scrapbooking Wordart

Nature Walk Digital Scrapbooking Quickpages

Everything is also available in one big bundle at a discounted price.
Nature Walk Digital Scrapbooking Value Bundle

The colors are beautiful, and I think Tracy's got some of the most beautiful flowers around.  I hope that you enjoy the kit as much as I do!

Happy scrapping!

Monday, April 8, 2013

It's Dance Time :)

OK, no it's not.  I can't dance.  Never have.  And the hubby refuses to even make an attempt to spin me around the living room floor, so I'll probably die without ever experiencing a dance.  Oh well.

My daughter, on the other hand, is now in her 4th (!!!) year of dance.  She's not the most graceful dancer, but she has fun and it's great exercise for her.  If you have a dancer, or a love of dance yourself, then you might want to check out Trixie's new collection for the GAB sale at Scrapbook-Bytes.  It is over-the-top gorgeous!

You can find the Prima Ballerina collection here.  My girl has a love of pink, glitz, and this kit will definitely get a lot of use in my house.  I also used Standing Alone Vol. 5 from the April 2013 Templatetopia, which you can find here.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

I love the duck...

Mickey is nice enough, Goofy is...well, Goofy, but Donald is my favorite.  His fiery temper, his squabbling, everything about Disney's famous feathered friend made him my favorite.  Tracy and Connie came together to create a scrappy ode to Donald...check out Sailor Duck!

I wish that I had Donald Duck pics to scrap...maybe if we can ever afford that trip to Disney World!  But the kit worked beautifully for scrapping our ferry ride.

Yay, it's Templatetopia time!

Hello, readers!  It's been a while...things have been hectic in both good and bad ways here at home, and I haven't had the heart, the health, or the time to do much chit-chatting.  Thankfully, we are getting healthy again (although yuck I do have a doctor appointment, and worse, a dentist appointment this week).  So I want to show you what has been going on scrap-wise lately.

First off, Tracy and Connie just released their April Templatetopia collection...I think this is my favorite yet!

Check out the individual packs:

I used Tracy's Oceanside kit & cardstock and came up with this layout.  The photos are of mom and Rachel on spring break.

I've gotten another Templatetopia page done, but I can't show it off yet, because I used Tracy's GORGEOUS new kit that will be coming soon to SBB.  I'll be back to show that one off to you soon.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend, friends!