Friday, July 13, 2012

Are You Brave?

I'm not!  But my daughter, like one of her new favorite princesses, definitely is.  Lately she has been using the lyrics from some VBS songs and telling me that she doesn't have to be afraid of things...she just has to "trust in God."  Amen, girl, that's right!
Now, about that new favorite princess...Merida.  From Disney/Pixar's Brave.  She will most likely be finding her way to Rachel's backpack...and Barbie collection...and T-shirt drawer...and so on and so on.  And if you have a Brave fan at your house, and you're a scrapbooker (and that's probably the only reason you'd find your way to my blog!), then you might be interested in Trixie's new kit!  She has hooked up with the Queen of Disney-inspired kits, Britt of Britt-ish Designs to create Change Your Fate.
Change Your Fate Digital Scrapbooking Collaboration Kit Disney

Eeeek!  How awesome is this!!!  I have been wanting to share this all's been a hard secret to keep!  I don't have any Brave pics yet...but they are coming, no doubt!  I did use the kit's a page all about mom (she's pretty brave too IMO)

I'll check back in with all of you later...God bless and happy scrapping!

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