Saturday, June 30, 2012


OK, I have to admit that I'm not the most hip person on the planet.  I know...the very few people who actually know me IRL and read this are probably shocked...NOT.  LOL.  So I'm guessing that the rest of you will be familiar with the phrase that Trixie and Connie used for the title of their new kit, but I wasn't.  Guess What? Chicken Butt! was, without a doubt, of the wackiest and most fun kits that I've scrapped with.
And seriously...if any of you know what it means, fill me in.  No clue here!

Guess What? Chicken Butt! Digital Scrapbooking Collab Kiit Farm Picnic

Cute, right?  There's so much in this kit...there are loads of ways to use this collab!  I created two layouts the day that I downloaded the kit, and I have several other ideas floating around in my head as well.  Here's what I've come up with so far...

My ode to the chicken joke...I love Rachel's best friend, but last year she taught Rachel the 'why does the chicken cross the road' joke, and I've been subjected to hours and hours of it ever since.  Poor chicken.  Poor me!

And during trick-or-treating at the mall, Rachel got to meet the Chik-Fil-A cow...poor guy doesn't realize that Rachel won't eat chicken, no matter how much he tells her to 'eat more chikin.'

If you're watching the Trixie Scraps blog, keep an eye out...I'm hosting the July template challenge and would it if you participated!  Until next time, happy scrapping!

Monday, June 18, 2012

It's a Sunshine Day!

Anyone else now have a Brady Bunch song stuck in their heads?  LOL.  Sunshine Day is Trixie's newest kit for the Pickle Barrel event at Pickleberry Pop.  It's a bright, sunny kit that is perfect for scrapping those sunny summer days (and there's enough non-themed stuff to make it a great generic go-to kit as well).

During the Pickle Barrel sale, you can grab the coordinating pieces of the kit for $1.00 each.  Here's what is available:

I got a chance to scrap with the collection yesterday, and I love it!  The photos are of Rachel at church on Father's Day.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Eeeek! Check out this month's Templatetopia!

Okay, I know that I just blogged earlier that means that I shouldn't be posting anything else for say...oh...5 or 6 months, right?  LOL.  But Tracy aka Trixie Scraps has blessed me bigtime and I wanted to share with you.  She lifted some of my layouts to create one of her new template packs for the June 2012 Templatetopia grab bag.  If you want to see what the templates look like, I hope that you will head over to one of her stores and check out the full previews that are posted.

I used one of Tracy's two-pager templates from the Seeing Double Vol. 9 pack to create a layout of Rachel's baptism (if you read my earlier post then you've seen it already!)

With that, I'm off for the night...the game is starting in about ten minutes and I don't want to miss it!

It's Summer Vacation...

Yes, school is out, and life is busy!  School was out less than two weeks ago, and we've yet to have a quiet day at home.  
Today we started Vacation Bible School at our church.  Once VBS is over on Friday, we plan on spending the summer learning, playing, and exploring.  We've got weekly playdates with a photographer friend and her 3 kids.  While our kiddos play, she's going to teach me how to use my new camera...YAY!
We're planning a weekly cooking lesson and crafting activity.  We've also signed up for free bowling, and checked into roller skating.  I'm really looking forward to that...Rachel has never been skating, and I haven't been since I was a teenager.  We'll probably spend some mornings at the sprayground as well, and I'm hoping to get Miss R signed up for swim lessons.
As far as a vacation goes, I think that is out of the question for us this summer.  It looks like our budget will be pretty tight, but that's okay; we can manage here at home.  And perhaps we can look forward to a trip next spring instead.

We've had some big events in our family lately...time to share!

Rachel's baptism was such a special moment.  Every time we have a baptism service at church, there seems to be one child who is very vehement in her words.  When Pastor Sam asked Rachel if she had asked Jesus into her heart, she shouted, "YES!"  She made sure that even the people in the balcony heard her...she was so excited and just couldn't contain herself.  When she came up out of the water, she said, "Mommy, that was fun...I want to do it again!"  Some layouts of the big day...

Getting ready, scrapped using Hope and Faith by Connie Prince

The event itself, using Day of Grace and Star Struck Vol. 13:  Laina by Trixie Scraps

I created this 2-page spread using Day of Grace and the Seeing Double Vol. 9 from the June 2012 Templatetopia by North Meets South Studios.

After the service, scrapped using several kits:  Every Day with You and Love of a Lifetime by Trixie Scraps; Garden Botanicals by Julie Billingsley; and It's Elementary by Dani Mogstad.  I've never been all that good at mixing kits, but these all worked together wonderfully.  The template is from Jeanye Labaya's Ratatouille pack that was part of the Digi Files a few months ago.

As a present that weekend, her Daddy and I bought her a Bible, which I still need to scrap.  And her NiNi brought her two for her baptism, and one an early kindergarten graduation present.  I did scrap this particular gift, as she was very excited about it, and the pictures were too cute (in mommy's biased opinion anyway).  So here is Rachel with Kelly and Kelly's new wheelchair, crutches, casts, scrubs, and accessories!  This was scrapped with Siblings are Forever and Large and In Charge Vol. 2 by Trixie Scraps.

And about that kindergarten graduation...of course I've started scrapping it.  But to be honest, Rachel's school doesn't have a kindergarten graduation.  No diplomas, no ceremony, nothing.  But I really really wanted to do I ordered a cap & gown from Josten's.  They are pretty cheap (you can get them from about $13 on up), and the photos turned out so cute!  So far I've only scrapped one, and I used Lil Grad Vol. 2 by Melissa Bennett.

I've got quite a few more grad pics to scrap, and now I've also got dance recital photos to work with.  I'm sure I'll be spending some time this summer working with them.  I'm hoping that Ms. Trixie Scraps has bright lime green in her future, because that was the color of Rachel's leotard this year!

With that, I'm off to walk the dog and then watch the Thunder-Spurs game...Thunder UP!!!