Friday, December 21, 2012

The new year is right around the corner...

Trixie and Connie have teamed up to create a kit for scrapping those New Year's memories.  Personally, we don't do anything for New Year's...all it means for me is changing the calendar.  But I know a lot of you like to celebrate, and so if you do, check this kit out!
Auld Lang Syne Digital Scrapbooking Collab Kit

Actually, even if you don't celebrate January 1st, you can use this kit...I love the glitz :)  I scrapped a page of Rachel and her daddy walking through the light display at our local botanical gardens.

Until later, God bless, and Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Looking for a beautiful Christmas kit?

It's GAB time over at Scrapbook-Byes and Trixie has released a BEAUTIFUL collection called Winter Carolers.  I can't get over how pretty this kit is!

Right now you can get each pack in this collection for $1.00.  Here are the packs that are on sale:

I used all but the glitter papers to create this page of Rachel checking out the creche:

And now, back to the previous release at Gotta Pixel, Presents Everywhere...I finished my other layout with it!  It features a photo of Rachel and Mrs. Claus from yesterday morning.

With that, I'm off for awhile...have a great week!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Gift-Wrapping Season

I'm usually the person who wraps gifts as soon as I purchase them, so I've been doing a good bit of gift wrapping the past week or two.  And I'll confess...I like my papers to be coordinating.  The past few years, we've had some Disney princess or Dora wrapping papers under the tree, and it bugged me that they were so UNmatching.  Just one of my quirks I guess.  :)

But that's not why I'm posting today!  I'm sure you know that though.  :D  It's the beginning of a new month, and that means that Trixie and Connie have a great new Templatetopia for you!  Take a peek:

Here's a closer look at what's inside:

All sixteen of these very unique templates for 3.99...what a great deal!  I used one of the Photo Stripping templates with the North meets South collab Roll With It collab kit to create this:

Next, Trixie has her Gotta Grab It collection available now at Gotta Pixel.  Presents Everywhere is a FUN and cheerful holiday kit.  Here are the pieces that are available at $1.00 per pack during the sale.

I've done a few layouts with it so far.  Here's one:

I'll get my other layout posted once I get a better photo for it :)  Hopefully tomorrow's sledding outing and meet-up with Santa will provide the photo that I'm looking for!  Until next time, Merry Christmas and happy scrapping!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

It's the Christmas season!

A few weeks ago, a friend and I took our kids to North Pole City, which is a Christmas store here in town.  We ran across some Elves on the Shelves, and for once, I was actually tempted to buy one.  But I was low on cash, so I passed.  But I know a lot of friends who've indulged in this little holiday favorite!
If you have a little holiday helper, or if you just love Christmas kits the way I do, you will want to check out My Shelf Elf, new from North Meets South Studios!

I used it to scrap a photo of Rachel from a few years ago, and I plan on using it again and again this holiday season...I love the colors!

Until next time, happy scrapping!

Monday, November 12, 2012

As promised...

I'm back again, with a look at Trixie's new collection for the Grab-a-Byte sale at SBB.  Check out Sweetened with Gratitude!

During the sale, each portion of the collection will be $1.00.  Here are the sale pieces:

I used everything except the glitter papers to create my's about Rachel opening up her birthday gifts.  She woke up, and was still pretty sleepy.  I told her she had to wait to open her gifts from us, but her NiNi had some things for her to open.  After opening up clothes...and books...and more clothes, she was looking slightly depressed.  Make that really unhappy.  LOL.  She then opened up a fashion designer activity set, and she was really excited about it (although she still looks half-asleep in the photo)...and then she said, "Thank you for THIS, NiNi."  We all had a good laugh about it.  And she actually did like the clothes that she just wasn't exciting to open up!

With that, I'm off for awhile...we have another VERY busy week ahead, and I'm hoping I'll find a few minutes to scrap, or read, or both.  Until next time, have a blessed week, and happy scrapping!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

It's Templatetopia time again!

You guys know that I love me some templates...and I also love a good bargain.  Okay, let's be honest...I'm cheap.  I have expensive taste, but very little money, so frugal is the way I have to be.  And one of the best bargains in digi-land is the monthly Templatetopia from North meets South Studios.  Seriously, 16 templates for $3.99 is hard to beat.  Check out this month's offering:

This month's offering includes my favorite type of template...big photo templates!  I've already used two of them, and let me show you what I came up with...

First off, I used one of the new Large and In Charge Vol. 3 templates from Templatetopia, as well as One Haunted Evening (also by North meets South Studios) to scrap these photos of Rachel on her first ever house-to-house trick-or-treat adventure.

And next, I used another of the Large and In Charge Vol. 3 templates, along with Trixie's NEW collection for this month's GGI sale.  This new collection is called You Matter, and it's a beautiful and uplifting kit.
Before I show you my layout, let me show you the kit.  It's currently on sale at Gotta Pixel for $1.00 per pack.

For my layout, I used everything but the glitter papers.

I'll be back soon with a peek at Trixie's new GAB collection!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The most gorgeous kit!

OK, I told you I'd be back in a few days to show you Trixie's GAB collection...and here I am!  A couple of days late, but the sale is still going strong!  And this kit is absolutely, positively gorgeous!  Check out After 10 Years!  Here's what the full kit looks like...please note that right now, it's available in pieces at SBB.

Along with the kit elements and papers, there are extra papers, bonus alphas, clusters, word art, and quickpages available.

I love that you can use this anniversary-themed kit for all types of layouts...I used it, of course, for scrapping pics of Rachel :)  Here's my layout:

With that, I'm off for the day.  Have a great week, and happy scrapping!