Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back to school

Well, we have made it through two weeks of kindergarten, and I'm happy to say that Rachel is thoroughly enjoying herself.

She was disappointed that her two best friends were in other classes, and I journaled about that after we got back from meet-the-teacher night.  I used Trixie Scraps' Adoption Day (love the little kids in that kit) to scrap my thoughts.

Thankfully, she did have a few old friends in her class, and she has met a few new ones as well.

I scrapped a layout of her first day of school using All About Me:  The Littles by Trixie Scraps.  It's not a traditional school kit, but right now, I am loving these bright colors!

She's been a good listener, according to her teacher.  She did come home on Monday and told us that she had to move her stick to yellow...we told her that it was alright, because we all have bad days.  She was encouraged, and reminded us several times that she'd start back in green the next day.  On Tuesday afternoon, when I asked her what the best part of the day was, she told me it was "staying on green."  My sweet girl might not mind pushing buttons at home, but she really does try to be on her best behavior at school.

With that, I'm signing off for now.  I'll be back in the not-too-distant future with a little somethin' for you!

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