Thursday, October 1, 2009

Yay, autumn is here!

Just popping in to share a bit...the weather has turned SO nice recently! There's a breeze in the air and the temperatures are dropping. I LOVE autumn in Oklahoma! The state fair has come and gone (and we had a great time), and the leaves are starting to change colors. Now, when I lived in Texas, I would have said spring was my favorite time of year...but up here, spring is tornado weather, so that puts a damper on that season. So I'd have to say that fall is definitely my favorite time of year, and here's why:
1. the weather!
2. Rachel's birthday
3. costume time
4. pumpkin patches and hayrides
5. Thanksgiving
6. holiday decorations

1 comment:

Kresta said...

Ugh - tornadoes would make me dread Spring too. Fall has so many fun activities!