Saturday, May 23, 2009

May in Review

Can you believe that we are nearing the end of May already??? Time has flown by. It's been a much better month than April was...not perfect, but definitely better.
Some highlights:
1. Mom came to visit!
2. Mother's Day trip to the Zoo
3. Becoming a part of Amy's CT
4. Getting my scrapping mojo back
5. Finding the library movie that we thought we had lost (yay)
6. Rachel enjoying getting postcards in the mail from Sharon Kay at DisneyWorld
7. Reading 3 books, just for fun

Let me share some CT pages using AmyM Designs' templates with you guys!

AmyM's Top Notch:

On the not fun note...
more dental problems. To make a hideously long story sorta short, I had a crown put on a molar last year. The incompetent dentist (seriously...4 of the teeth she worked on had to be totally redone) didn't put the crown on properly, because the new dentist found that there is a gap, and bacteria are getting inside. I thought that the tooth was abcessing...starting to have a swelling. They gave me antibiotics, but after a few days, it's becoming obvious that this swelling is rock hard...or should I say bone hard. My wisdom tooth...blech...seems to have moved from where it was, and now there is a super hard bulge above the tooth that needs its crown replaced.

Off to take some meds and get Rachel to bed. Happy scrapping!

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