Thursday, January 15, 2009

Shopping & Money

Well, my digi shopping has come to halt due to a financial issue here...mainly having a financial company run away like the dish with the spoon...except instead of taking my spoon, they took about $1000 that was due to be paid towards my bills. Needless to say, my digi habit is being put on the back burner. I did buy ONE thing...but it was at the ES dollar sale, and that's it for the month. I'm hoping to get this mess settled soon (but not holding my breath).
Ah well, enough whining. More LOs to share! ADSR is going strong...Sharon and I have completed the first 4 challenges, and are waiting on #5 on Sunday.

Here's my LO for #3, a re-do of one of my first digi layouts (and first ever at GP, who hosted this challenge). Scrapped with Verena Karolyi's 'Sophie' and 'Loving Mommy.' Full credits here.

Challenge #4 at Tangie Baxter Designs was much tougher. The art and soul challenge required the use of altered art/ephemera/art elements and journaling from the soul. I was tempted to use a kit with paint, crayons, etc...but I've wanted to try out some new things, so this is what I came up with:
Most of the stuff here is from Weeds & Wildflowers...full credits here.

And some more LOs, just for fun.

Using Heather Roselli's Chocolate Cravings kit....woohoo, I won a GC from Heather with this LO!

Mom, Nanny, and Rachel made cookies at Christmas...scrapped using KristinCB & Meg Mullens' Cozy Kitchen.

Reading at Christmastime...using Rhyme Thyme by Traci Reed & Meg Mullens

Loving this! One of Rachel's favorite Christmas gifts...her tool bench. Scrapped with Misty Cato's Daddy's Apprentice kit

My little rocker, playing her guitar (another Christmas present). Scrapped with Heather Roselli's Punk Rock Princess.

And my new favorite all-purpose kit would have to be Traci Reed's Blue Skies and Flutterbys...I've used it for several are two recent ones:


Now on to the real reason for this post LOL...quiz time!!!

You Are a Reluctant Shopper

You really don't enjoy shopping. For you, it's just another chore.

You approach shopping systematically. You research what you're going to buy and come prepared with a list.

Of all the types, you are the most likely to not buy things you don't need.

You try to de-emphasize stuff in your life. You find shopping and buying things to be a rather empty experience.

Ummm...about the results here...this might be true at times (yes, grocery shopping is a chore, but I don't really mind it)...but I love digi shopping! But it's alot more fun when you have money ROTFL!

Happy scrapping and enjoy your weekend!

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