Thursday, September 25, 2008

Update and typing test

Well, mom has her power back on, yay...but still no hot water. But considering what alot of other people are dealing with, that's not bad.
She's got the fabric for Rachel's Halloween costume, YAY! I need to be on the lookout for some accessories...and I need to get to work on the birthday's hard for me to imagine that the big day is just a month away.
We've been looking at big girl room stuff...and of course, it looks like Wal-Mart...where else LOL? They do have a really sweet purple and pink bedding set with flowers and butterflies...I so do NOT want a roomful of Dora. Between her Dora toys and pillows and blankets, I think that's enough of the clueless explorer and her monkey buddy.
Today's FOB2Y over at Sweet Shoppe is a typing test...I'm on the computer alot, but taking a timed's been a LONG time since I've done that! Here's how I did:

74 words


And on a pretty cool note, Valarie Ostrom has invited me to be on her CT! She sells at, which has some awesome challenges. If you've never been over there, you should check them out. All you have to do is complete three challenges a month (using any kit), and you receive their MEGA kit for free...and I do mean MEGA...they are HUGE! I missed last month' was hectic, but it was a boy-themed kit, so I can deal with it LOL. This month's kit is a darling girly kit, so of course I had to grab it.

I have uploaded some pics from the soon as I get them on photobucket, I'll share with you guys. Have a blessed day!

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Hummie said...

First try through, I did 87 words per minute...couldn't figure out I had to press return!