Thursday, August 28, 2008

Spelling Bees

I took this week's FOB2Y's a spelling quiz. It shows that I got one answer wrong, but won't say which one! Here ya go in case you want to check it out:

Your Common Spelling Mistake Score: 95% Correct

Your spelling is excellent.

You don't fall for common spelling pitfalls, and you spell almost everything correctly.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

50s on the brain...Grease and Happy Days

Ok, both of those were 70s things, but they were BASED in the 50s (well, Happy Days started that way I THINK).
Anyways...I took the Grease quiz that Libby posted about on the Sweet Shoppe blog, and got a perfect 15 out of 15 woohoo! Which just goes to show that I've seen and listened to the soundtrack WAY too many times over the years ROFL!
And happy days...woohoo, I've started my guest stints with Eva Kipler, ScrapShana, and the Gotta Pixel team (didn't tell yall about that yet, huh?) I'm SO enjoying working with some different's really helping me to expand my comfort zone and try some different things in my layouts. I'm seeing my style change a bit, and I'm kind of excited about it. of these days, I'll get around to posting LOs to show. I know I know...don't promise what you can't deliver! I can...I just haven't. But I will...maybe! I need to need to need to. I'm hoping that one of these weekends DH will watch Rachel and I can spend a whole day in the office cleaning and posting, etc...and I'll actually post LOs at that point. Keeping my fingers crossed that it happens one day this decade LOL.
Off to bed now, catch up with yall later!