Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Most Boring Teenager on Earth?

LOL, Mimi Kim has posted a challenge on the Sweet Shoppe tell about your summer jobs or adventures as a teenager. The thing is, I don't know if I had any!
Let's see...I didn't work in the summers...without a car and not living on a bus line, that wasn't happening in Houston. So, let's think about adventures...I really was boring. Much more of a watcher than a doer. Only one of my friends had a car back then, and she did work, so we didn't do alot. I was also the chicken of the group, so I didn't want to try out alot of the things that others did...I was cautious of alot of stuff (and looking back, that was mostly a good thing.) I was always the bookworm who retreated to her bedroom with a stack of books, so about the most adventuresome thing I ever did was check out library books!


meems said...

You sound a like me. I bet we would have been friends had we known each other as teens.

dedesmith32 said...

Just wanted to leave a little memory for you since you did on my blog! :)

I am just so happy that you have been coming to my crops! You always make me feel very good about myself and I love how enthusiastic you are! Thanks so much for all you do!