Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Where has the time gone?

Okay, guys and gals...I know, I stink when it comes to updates. The best laid plans and all that jazz, KWIM? Life has been so crazy lately, and blogging has been below the bottom of my list.
Here's what's going on in my world...
1. Dentist, dentist, dentist. I am so sick of going to the dentist! I got my bridge and crown in February, and was supposed to go back Easter week for work on the rest of my teeth. Well, my appt got cancelled and postponed for 2 weeks...I was in agony the entire time, and having to take pain meds around the clock, which I hate. The permanent crown chipped, the bridge wasn't set properly. Well, appointment day rolls around, and I wind up with an abcessed tooth, so no appointment. I had to wait a week for the antibiotics to kick in, and then wound up with a root canal and 3 temporary crowns. A week and a half later, my mouth stops feeling raw, but the back crown breaks off. I get it fixed that day, only to have it break again the next day...gee, guess that applesauce was too much LOL. A few days later, I finally get it fixed properly, so now it's just a waiting game for the permanent crowns to come in.
2. Vacation. We went to visit my family...not exactly a fantastic vacation, but oh well. Had a fun time at the rodeo, but hubby's not exactly a rodeo kind of guy. Took a tour boat of the ship channel...been there, done that. I was kind of bored, but it was for hubby, since he put up with the rodeo for me. the time I left, I realized I was definitely in a new stage of my life, and I'm really not looking forward to any long family visits in the future. I told hubby on the way home that from now on, we should just do weekends. We probably won't be going back down until the fall or Christmas, depending on gasoline (yikes...who can afford road trips now?)
3. Renaissance Festival. We took the girls to Muskogee for the Renaissance Festival. I definitely prefer the Texas festival, but this one was okay too. Our motel sucked though. We got stuck at America's Best Value Inn...I should have booked more than a month in advance I guess. Their site advertises cribs free upon request, and when we got there, we found out that the site has NO cribs, period. I was beyond ticked. I could go on and on about that place...and I might do so later, but not at the moment.
4. SEASIDE SCRAPS is shutting its doors tomorrow. I've known it was coming, but I'm so bummed. I haven't spend alot of time there the past couple of months, without chats and the forums being pretty quiet. But SSS was my first digihome, it's the one site that I felt really at home. I'm kind of drifting right now. I'm posting layouts for challenges and crops that I go to at other sites, but I'm not really finding a home at any one of them yet. Don't get me wrong, I like the other sites I'm at, but I've not set up home base at any of them yet. I'm probably going to be a wanderer for a while. I DID spend some bucks at the SSS closing sale...I snatched up most of Cheryl's photobooks...I really want to order some Shutterfly books, and it would be nice to have a whole book coordinate! I'm not creative enough to manage a 20 page book using just one kit.
I'm not even going to promise when I'll post next, lol. But God willing, I'll be back at some point!

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