Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Well, there's only a few more days until Leslie's kits are gone. I'm missing her already...she was always fun to chit chat with...and one of the few people that I talk to who is fluent in Noggin, LOL! Leslie, I hope that you are able to have your internet woes solved in the near future!
I've taken some of my older templates down...I was trying to clean out my 4shared account...been trying to clean up the house too! It seems like whenever I manage to get one room cleaned, another gets worse...and then hubby or daughter comes along, and the now clean room becomes a wreck all over again. Oh well, at least I have a home, I shouldn't complain.
Time is flying by...it feels like we just got over Christmas, but here it is almost Easter. I need to get a portrait session scheduled, and I'm hoping that this year we don't have an icy egg hunt. We're planning a week-long visit to my mom's house, and I'm SO looking forward to it.
On the not-so-thrilling front, I've got a doctor's appt next week...I see bloodwork in my near future...and I'm a needle-phobe.
Got to go change a dirty diaper! TTYL

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