Thursday, December 13, 2007


Had a dentist appt this morning...a piece of my temporary crown came off on Monday. It doesn't bother me, but they said call us if any comes out. So I drag Rachel down to the office, only to have them look at it and say it's not a problem. Let's all say 'waste of time' together! Still going back after New Year's for the permanent one...what fun, can't wait!

I finally managed to get the Christmas Around the World blog train downloaded...I'm still missing a few goal during Rachel's naptime today is to see what I still need to snag and then make back-ups. I also need to go finish up the Whimsical Wonderland mega, and then MooTwo has their birthday blog train this weekend...I need to make lots of room on my hard drive!

Oh! CompUSA is closing its doors...everything is on sale. I almost want to cry...don't have the extra money to go shopping over there! We popped in a week or so ago and they had a bunch of Wacom bamboo tablets...I told DH that would be a nice gift for his wife, since the laptop is on hold for awhile. We'll see. Actually, yesterday I told him we should just hold off on gifts for each other for awhile anyway. I'd rather get all of our bills taken care of, get the kids their gifts, and then see what we've got left over. With the new truck and my dental bills, we don't have lots of extra spending money. But that's ok...we really don't need anything anyway.

Well, I might not have done any Christmas shopping, but I've got a goodie for all of you. Hope you like it! Here's a sneak peek:

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If you want it, you can grab it here. Merry Christmas yall!

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cinmcw said...

How awesome and adorable these are! Thanks so much for sharing! Happy Holidays!