Monday, October 15, 2007

What a weekend!

Well, I never got time to post my goodie that I kept talking about last week, so I'm doing it soon as it gets through 4shared, anyway.
We had SUCH a busy, but busy. We spent Saturday at Orr Family Farm...Rachel had her first pony ride, first train ride, and first hayride. We also visited their barnyards and let her pet the animals, got some pumpkins in the pumpkin patch, and rode the carousel. It was a beautiful day, and we had a lot of fun. Afterwards, she went and spent the night with her big sisters...haven't had a quiet night around here in a long time! I got some cleaning done, and some scrapping done, and got to sleep in until nearly 9 o'clock...woohoo!
Here are some pics that I took at the farm...I scrapped them with Cheryl Whitesel's Farmer Kid kit from Seaside Scraps...I LOVE this kit! The only thing I want to go and buy the Farmer Girl kit that goes along with's basically the same, but in pink and brown...sigh...we'll see how bills go!

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Credits here.

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Credits here.

Sunday was the big Oklahoma Centennial Parade here in OKC...we went and had a good time. I've got nearly 200 photos to go through...lots of scrapping to do too!!!

Seaside Scraps is giving away a free kit with a $10 purchase this month...I wasn't going to do it, but caved in this weekend, LOL. It's an awesome kit...and this from someone who isn't all that big on Halloween. Check out what Rebecca is giving away:

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Isn't that the cutest??? We never did jack-o-lanterns or any of the scary stuff, but her kit was too cute for me to pass up.

Time to go for promises on my next post...think I've finally learned my lesson on that!

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