Friday, October 5, 2007

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Hi peoples! Well, I didn't get back on Tuesday with a template, but I'll post one today. But first for a bit of venting!
Let's see...on Saturday, we finally went out and bought our coffee and end table. We've been without for awhile, and finally had enough extra cash to get the one that I liked. We waited almost an hour in the pick-up lane at Mathis Brothers before we got our furniture, and when it was finally our turn (right before the store closed), someone else tried to take our spot. The wife started griping at DH, and he told her too bad, we've been waiting in line! She got all huffy...didn't realize that there even was a line. He pointed it out to her, and there were quite a few cars waiting, and that made her even more ticked off. Oh well.
We got the tables home, opened up the boxes, and started putting them together, only to find that one of the legs had been cut incorrectly, and the coffee table could not be put together. So on Sunday, we were at the store when they opened so that we could exchange it for a table that was cut correctly. Unfortunately, we were told that they had no more in stock, and had no idea when or if they would be getting any more. I asked about the floor models, and was told they wouldn't be sold until the items were officially closed out. So...we had to go back home, take apart the end table, and return it too. There was NO way I was going to pay good money and end up with mismatched tables.
We finally picked out another set, only to find it's backordered until next week. So we're still without tables, but at least we got our money back.
On Sunday evening, the lawn mower decided to give out. Monday morning, we had to get the muffler on DH's car fixed. On Tuesday morning, we took the mower into the repair shop, only to find that repairs would cost more than we paid for the machine in the first place. So we went to Walmart and bought one of the 3 mowers they still had in stock.
And then yesterday morning, my monitor up and died. It's only a year and a half old! I was SO not happy! DH has been wanting/needing a new one...he needs a wider screen so that he can enlarge the print, so I took his old one, and we went and bought him a new monitor last night.
So now I'm kind of glad we haven't gotten the tables yet...we've had to shell out money here and there, and we'd have been broke if we'd not gotten our money back on them. So I consider that as the Lord using a bad situation for good in our household.

LO share:  Here's a new layout I did Helen Ehrenhofer's Heirloom kit, which she offered as a freebie during the GDS designer contest.
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I'm off to scrap. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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MonaLisaK said...

That's a gorgeous layout! Love that kit.