Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What a day!!!

Ugggh...what a day it's been! Rachel chose NOT to take a nap today...I was not very pleased with that! She's been ornery, cranky, and grouchy all afternoon. DH and I ended up putting her to bed before 7 o'clock, and she cried for a few minutes and has been quiet ever since. She generally sleeps an hour and a half during the day, which gives me time to scrap, read, whatever. I'm hoping that she will sleep really well tonight.
We did go looking for coffee tables again this morning. I found a couple that were really nice, but I just can't see paying $450 for a coffee table and 1 end table. That's just not in the budget. I've got to drag DH around to the stores over the weekend to get his opinion. I personally liked the more affordable sets that I found at Mathis Brothers, but he didn't like them. He DID like one set that I found over there, but we'll have to go back and see if it's still there...it was on clearance, so no guarantees. It'll just be nice to have a coffee table again. I'm going to go ahead and trash that old grungy end table too. I guess it's not old...2 years...but it was cheap and not well made. We need something STURDY!, and no glass at all. So we'll see.
I got mom's Grandparent's Day/Birthday present/supplies for Rachel's Halloween costume sent off. I made her a scrapbook, we sent her a check, and then quite a few patterns and the fabric, etc for Rachel's poodle skirt. I can't wait to get it back! I bought Tracy's 50's Diner kit at Make It Scrappy just for that costume!

I've gotten quite a few LOs done, and I'm going to try to post a couple of them later, as well as pics from the State Fair on Saturday. We had alot of fun, and I am hoping to get back over there before it closes. I'm off now...got to find a layout that's disappeared!

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