Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Well, I knew I'd end up missing days on my blog...didnt' realize it would happen so quickly though! It's kind of funny...when you're a kid, those long holiday weekends are great...you can play and enjoy! Now that I'm an adult and a parent, those long weekends usually mean more work. DH did manage to get the house painted, and the color looks really good. Still need to get the trim painted, and the deck stained and sealed, but that will have to wait. We had planned on doing it this weekend, but the forecast says rain rain rain, and possibly more flooding. I think we've had enough of that around here lately.
The trail at the lake is still closed...some of it was washed away during TS Erin, from the looks of things. I am still really disturbed about the high school student drowning after the storm...I've heard nothing about anything happening to the teacher. I'd like to know how in the world a track coach can send students running around a flooded lake WITHOUT any supervision...you can't leave students unsupervised, let alone send them outside in the conditions that we had here at that point.
Back to my house though...Rachel's being an ornery toddler. She's refusing to eat much of anything right now...thank the Lord for PB and J...it's one of the few things I can get her to eat (other than getting bits of junk food from daddy...but that's another ramble there). I managed to pull something in my shoulder, and have been near tears today when I move the wrong way...or when it goes into spasms. Not good...try picking up a near-30 pound wiggleworm without putting any strain on your shoulders....hmmm...maybe that's how I hurt myself in the first place!

For those who haven't heard about Pops, it's located on Route 66....the news media consider it the newest landmark along the Mother Road. It's located just west of the Round Barn (which I still need to scrap, lol) in Arcadia, OK (N of OKC). The building itself is glass, and the walls are lined with all different kinds of soda. They sell nearly 500 different types, although when we went, they had sold out of almost everything. We were told that they restock every night, but had such a tremendous response that they were going to be increasing their orders, so hopefully next time we'll have a bigger selection. They have a website with some pretty good pics, as well as a listing of all of the sodas that they offer. Here's the link: www.pops66.com.
For being a tired person, I certainly have rambled on long enough. I'm signing off for now...hopefully I'll have time to post tomorrow.

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