Saturday, September 1, 2007

Paint, caulk, new kits, and a freebie!

Well, we went out and spent some big bucks on painting supplies at Walmart...I certainly hope that DH isn't getting in over his head. Or perhaps I should say I hope he knows what he's doing. This morning he pressure washed the house with his brand new pressure washer, and got the hose too close to the exhaust...can you guess what happened? That's right...he burned a hole through the hose. So we had to go searching for a replacement hose. But at least he managed to get it done. He spent the evening caulking around the windows and doors...maybe I should take pics of the globs of caulk everywhere! He's definitely better at working on the car than on the house. Oh well, at least it'll get done. Tomorrow we've got to cover the windows and then it's time to paint! I'll be SO glad to get that done. We'll get to the trim Monday, or it'll just wait until next weekend.
We went to Joe's Crab Shack for was good, and Rachel loved the entertainment! We got a big kick out of watching her...we were sitting near a disco ball that she was fascinated with, and when the staff started dancing to 'Car Wash', I thought she was going to get up out of her high chair and join in! She was wiggling in her seat and clapping right along.
On a downer note, mom's health insurance is going up AGAIN...she's going to go ahead and cancel it because there's just no way for her to manage paying it. Even if she could, the deductible is now so high that it's not really worth having. That is, if the cancer does not come back. I told her that I would support her decision, no matter what it is, but the truth is I'm really scared that she'll wind up with cancer again, and have no insurance. I know that MDAnderson offers aid, but still...
She's been cancer free for 7 years now, so I'm just praying that she'll stay that way.

I've been too busy with family stuff to do any scrapping today, but I'm hoping to get some done while DH is painting tomorrow. I did manage to work in PSE a little while yesterday afternoon...some brilliant person literally mowed down the Cox box near our house, so we lost our internet, cable, and phone for a couple of hours.

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