Monday, September 10, 2007

Best intentions...

Goodness, a new week has begun. Bad blogger here...I knew I wouldn't blog every day, but shame on's been since Thursday! Oh well...I've got my excuses.
Rachel had a doctor's appointment on Friday morning, and it ran long. End result...she's got a rash on her face, and her binky's the culprit. So out they went...and out went alot of sleep for all of us! She was MISERABLE on Friday...wouldn't take a nap, and barely slept that night. However, she's done very well since then...she took a nap Saturday and Sunday, and slept 11 hours straight both nights. She decided not to take a nap today, though...I'm hoping that she'll be so worn out tonight that she'll let me scrap and get some sleep.
I finally got back to making my back-up CDs...I seriously need to clean out some space on my HD!
We took a trip to 75% Off Books, only to find that they have closed up shop...the lack of decent bookstores here really frustrates me. I'm lobbying for Half Price Books to open up a store in Oklahoma! That's one thing to look forward to in Houston...raiding the used bookstore...still have lots of credit at Twice Told Tales, and I plan on using up a bunch of it on my next trip down.

Okay, wow, it's getting late...I've got to go get dinner, he's getting leftovers unless he wants to cook. I'm determined to post tomorrow...I've got a template or two to share. Until then, ciao and God bless.

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