Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Autumn, naptime, and shopping

Well, it's finally cooled down, temperature-wise, that is. This morning it was warm and muggy, and this afternoon, it's in the upper 60s, breezy, and a bit wet. I'm thrilled...I just hope that autumn sticks around for awhile. I love it when I can turn off the AC and the heat, open up the windows, and enjoy the fresh air. Of course this year will be a bit different, because whenever I open up a window, Rachel tends to push the screen out...I don't want my daughter falling out of the window! I guess I'll have to keep them opened just an inch or two, but still, it will feel SO much better!
I'm hoping that one of the girls will watch her for me at some point this weekend...I've got an urge to do some major cleaning (the weather change always does that to me). I'd love to be able to get everything sanitized, deodorized, and sparkling. We're planning on picking up the new tables this weekend, and it's time to start pulling out the fall decorations...it would be nice if the house was clean for such an event.
Today was also the start of another children's consignment sale...this one is in Yukon. I wasn't all that impressed...they have ALOT of stuff, but the prices are higher than at the other sales I've been to. I did pick up a pair of satin jammies for Rachel, although she'll have to grow into them. I also snagged a pair of snowboots that match her winter coat. But my favorite grab was a slide for the munchkin...which reminds me...if she ever falls asleep, I need to go get it out of the car. I've been wanting to get her some play equipment, and the slide was in great condition, and only $15...I couldn't resist.

Oh well, guess my time is up for now...she has STILL not fallen asleep...and it's been almost an hour. Time for this mommy to get going. I certainly won't promise to get back here this week, but I'll be back next Tuesday at the latest. Have a great week, y'all!

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