Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Autumn, naptime, and shopping

Well, it's finally cooled down, temperature-wise, that is. This morning it was warm and muggy, and this afternoon, it's in the upper 60s, breezy, and a bit wet. I'm thrilled...I just hope that autumn sticks around for awhile. I love it when I can turn off the AC and the heat, open up the windows, and enjoy the fresh air. Of course this year will be a bit different, because whenever I open up a window, Rachel tends to push the screen out...I don't want my daughter falling out of the window! I guess I'll have to keep them opened just an inch or two, but still, it will feel SO much better!
I'm hoping that one of the girls will watch her for me at some point this weekend...I've got an urge to do some major cleaning (the weather change always does that to me). I'd love to be able to get everything sanitized, deodorized, and sparkling. We're planning on picking up the new tables this weekend, and it's time to start pulling out the fall decorations...it would be nice if the house was clean for such an event.
Today was also the start of another children's consignment sale...this one is in Yukon. I wasn't all that impressed...they have ALOT of stuff, but the prices are higher than at the other sales I've been to. I did pick up a pair of satin jammies for Rachel, although she'll have to grow into them. I also snagged a pair of snowboots that match her winter coat. But my favorite grab was a slide for the munchkin...which reminds me...if she ever falls asleep, I need to go get it out of the car. I've been wanting to get her some play equipment, and the slide was in great condition, and only $15...I couldn't resist.

Oh well, guess my time is up for now...she has STILL not fallen asleep...and it's been almost an hour. Time for this mommy to get going. I certainly won't promise to get back here this week, but I'll be back next Tuesday at the latest. Have a great week, y'all!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What a day!!!

Ugggh...what a day it's been! Rachel chose NOT to take a nap today...I was not very pleased with that! She's been ornery, cranky, and grouchy all afternoon. DH and I ended up putting her to bed before 7 o'clock, and she cried for a few minutes and has been quiet ever since. She generally sleeps an hour and a half during the day, which gives me time to scrap, read, whatever. I'm hoping that she will sleep really well tonight.
We did go looking for coffee tables again this morning. I found a couple that were really nice, but I just can't see paying $450 for a coffee table and 1 end table. That's just not in the budget. I've got to drag DH around to the stores over the weekend to get his opinion. I personally liked the more affordable sets that I found at Mathis Brothers, but he didn't like them. He DID like one set that I found over there, but we'll have to go back and see if it's still there...it was on clearance, so no guarantees. It'll just be nice to have a coffee table again. I'm going to go ahead and trash that old grungy end table too. I guess it's not old...2 years...but it was cheap and not well made. We need something STURDY!, and no glass at all. So we'll see.
I got mom's Grandparent's Day/Birthday present/supplies for Rachel's Halloween costume sent off. I made her a scrapbook, we sent her a check, and then quite a few patterns and the fabric, etc for Rachel's poodle skirt. I can't wait to get it back! I bought Tracy's 50's Diner kit at Make It Scrappy just for that costume!

I've gotten quite a few LOs done, and I'm going to try to post a couple of them later, as well as pics from the State Fair on Saturday. We had alot of fun, and I am hoping to get back over there before it closes. I'm off now...got to find a layout that's disappeared!

Not surprised, and a freebie or two

Well, it's been a week since I've gotten on my blog, and am I surprised? No! I'm doing better than I ever did with a diary...at least I can say that! How many of those cheap diaries from the grocery store did I get as a kid? The kind that had the dinky little key...and you could use ANY diary key (or hairpin) to open? Lots, let me tell you! I think I might have put one entry in each one, and then forgot about it. I just never was one for journaling, which is funny, since I enjoy writing. I guess I always thought that my life was too boring to put on paper. Now I'm just wishing I had time to put pen to paper for Rachel's sake, LOL. Speaking of, she's pretty ticked that I'm on the computer right now...she wants mommy's attention. But DH is home, and they need some time together (and mommy wants a few minutes to post!)
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Thank you, Leslie, for nominating me as a Rockin' Girl Blogger...bad me just getting around to snagging it and uploading it to photobucket.
I'm tagging Sharon Kay, SusanJ, MonaLisa, and Demiurgia...Shell, I'd tag you, but I know you've already been tagged at least once!

Well, it's chat time at SSS...got to run for now...I'll try to pop back in and post another template in a bit...but no promises!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Best intentions...

Goodness, a new week has begun. Bad blogger here...I knew I wouldn't blog every day, but shame on me...it's been since Thursday! Oh well...I've got my excuses.
Rachel had a doctor's appointment on Friday morning, and it ran long. End result...she's got a rash on her face, and her binky's the culprit. So out they went...and out went alot of sleep for all of us! She was MISERABLE on Friday...wouldn't take a nap, and barely slept that night. However, she's done very well since then...she took a nap Saturday and Sunday, and slept 11 hours straight both nights. She decided not to take a nap today, though...I'm hoping that she'll be so worn out tonight that she'll let me scrap and get some sleep.
I finally got back to making my back-up CDs...I seriously need to clean out some space on my HD!
We took a trip to 75% Off Books, only to find that they have closed up shop...the lack of decent bookstores here really frustrates me. I'm lobbying for Half Price Books to open up a store in Oklahoma! That's one thing to look forward to in Houston...raiding the used bookstore...still have lots of credit at Twice Told Tales, and I plan on using up a bunch of it on my next trip down.

Okay, wow, it's getting late...I've got to go get dinner started...lol, he's getting leftovers unless he wants to cook. I'm determined to post tomorrow...I've got a template or two to share. Until then, ciao and God bless.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Grabbing a few minutes to myself

We've got a busy day ahead, so I thought I'd pop in for a minute while I could. I've got to take a bunch of Rachel's old winter clothes to the church this morning...the annual consignment sale starts tomorrow and I hope to get rid of alot of her stuff! That's probably my other addiction (along with digi, lol)...consignment sales! There are 4 or 5 in our area every spring and fall, and I LOVE going to them, but this is the first time I've ever put anything in them. We're still donating most of her stuff to Infant Crisis Services or Goodwill, but if I can sell some, it will help me out alot, especially since I'm not working anymore.

Oh well, time for this mommy to log off...someone's awake, and DH should be walking in the door momentarily. Talk to yall later, and happy scrapping!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Well, I knew I'd end up missing days on my blog...didnt' realize it would happen so quickly though! It's kind of funny...when you're a kid, those long holiday weekends are great...you can play and enjoy! Now that I'm an adult and a parent, those long weekends usually mean more work. DH did manage to get the house painted, and the color looks really good. Still need to get the trim painted, and the deck stained and sealed, but that will have to wait. We had planned on doing it this weekend, but the forecast says rain rain rain, and possibly more flooding. I think we've had enough of that around here lately.
The trail at the lake is still closed...some of it was washed away during TS Erin, from the looks of things. I am still really disturbed about the high school student drowning after the storm...I've heard nothing about anything happening to the teacher. I'd like to know how in the world a track coach can send students running around a flooded lake WITHOUT any supervision...you can't leave students unsupervised, let alone send them outside in the conditions that we had here at that point.
Back to my house though...Rachel's being an ornery toddler. She's refusing to eat much of anything right now...thank the Lord for PB and J...it's one of the few things I can get her to eat (other than getting bits of junk food from daddy...but that's another ramble there). I managed to pull something in my shoulder, and have been near tears today when I move the wrong way...or when it goes into spasms. Not good...try picking up a near-30 pound wiggleworm without putting any strain on your shoulders....hmmm...maybe that's how I hurt myself in the first place!

For those who haven't heard about Pops, it's located on Route 66....the news media consider it the newest landmark along the Mother Road. It's located just west of the Round Barn (which I still need to scrap, lol) in Arcadia, OK (N of OKC). The building itself is glass, and the walls are lined with all different kinds of soda. They sell nearly 500 different types, although when we went, they had sold out of almost everything. We were told that they restock every night, but had such a tremendous response that they were going to be increasing their orders, so hopefully next time we'll have a bigger selection. They have a website with some pretty good pics, as well as a listing of all of the sodas that they offer. Here's the link: www.pops66.com.
For being a tired person, I certainly have rambled on long enough. I'm signing off for now...hopefully I'll have time to post tomorrow.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Paint, caulk, new kits, and a freebie!

Well, we went out and spent some big bucks on painting supplies at Walmart...I certainly hope that DH isn't getting in over his head. Or perhaps I should say I hope he knows what he's doing. This morning he pressure washed the house with his brand new pressure washer, and got the hose too close to the exhaust...can you guess what happened? That's right...he burned a hole through the hose. So we had to go searching for a replacement hose. But at least he managed to get it done. He spent the evening caulking around the windows and doors...maybe I should take pics of the globs of caulk everywhere! He's definitely better at working on the car than on the house. Oh well, at least it'll get done. Tomorrow we've got to cover the windows and then it's time to paint! I'll be SO glad to get that done. We'll get to the trim Monday, or it'll just wait until next weekend.
We went to Joe's Crab Shack for dinner...food was good, and Rachel loved the entertainment! We got a big kick out of watching her...we were sitting near a disco ball that she was fascinated with, and when the staff started dancing to 'Car Wash', I thought she was going to get up out of her high chair and join in! She was wiggling in her seat and clapping right along.
On a downer note, mom's health insurance is going up AGAIN...she's going to go ahead and cancel it because there's just no way for her to manage paying it. Even if she could, the deductible is now so high that it's not really worth having. That is, if the cancer does not come back. I told her that I would support her decision, no matter what it is, but the truth is I'm really scared that she'll wind up with cancer again, and have no insurance. I know that MDAnderson offers aid, but still...
She's been cancer free for 7 years now, so I'm just praying that she'll stay that way.

I've been too busy with family stuff to do any scrapping today, but I'm hoping to get some done while DH is painting tomorrow. I did manage to work in PSE a little while yesterday afternoon...some brilliant person literally mowed down the Cox box near our house, so we lost our internet, cable, and phone for a couple of hours.